‘I DON’T DO LINES B*TCHES’: Watch How Kevin Hart Gets Through the Longest Airport Security Line Ever

Funny man Kevin Hart is at it again. Next time you’re at the airport, try his method. It most likely will work.

In one of Kevin Hart’s most popular stand-up routines, he talks about everybody needing to “stay in their own financial lane.”

Above all, he doesn’t mention how money helps him cut his own path through lines at the airport. Turns out, it does. Here to the tune of about $20 a pop.

“Right now, we at the airport. About to fly to Pittsburgh. Notice there is a lot of people here in this security line. I don’t do lines … we about to cut through all this s***, now pay attention.”

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Actually, what Hart does is hit the baggage people with tips, $20/$20, one bill for each of them. He might be one of the world’s most popular comedians, but on a one-to-one basis, it’s always nice to call on a president or two to get the job done.

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