‘I JUST STABBED MY WIFE’: Psycho Husband Kills Pregnant Wife and Son After Years of Abuse–Judge Prepared to…

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What do you think should happen to this man after this brutal crime he committed?

The husband of a 23-year-old pregnant woman who was stabbed to death in her home has been charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Yevgeniy ‘Eugene’ Savenok fled the Eden Prairie home with his two children in an SUV before surrendering to police at a hospital Saturday, where he told authorities: ‘I have just killed my wife’.

Authorities said that Lyuba’s younger sister witnessed the attack and called police, who arrived to find Lyuba with multiple stab wounds and a kitchen knife stuck in her chest.

Savenok, 30, has been been held at Hennepin County Adult Detention Center in Minnesota since that time and was given the murder charges today, which includes the death of their son, who survived for several minutes after being born prematurely.

But his mother died not long after police were called to their home on 17000 block of Park Circle, over a domestic-disturbance incident.

The husband – who was a ‘star wrestler at Wheaton college – remains jailed in lieu of $5 million bail ahead of an appearance before a judge Wednesday.

Investigators said that Savenok admitted stabbing his wife at least seven times in her torso and upper chest and reportedly told them he thought about stabbing her the night before while returning from a trip to Chicago.

He added that he believed she was going to take his children from him and her death was ‘probably my only way out.’

Lyuba Savenok’s brother, Aleksandr Katane, said his sister was a loyal wife and a loving mother to her children, Vivienne, 3, and Matthew, 4. She was 26 weeks pregnant at the time of her death, according to her brother.

Eden Prairie police spokesman Greg Weber said police had been called to the house for a domestic disturbance at least one other time in the past year and that the husband was facing charges in connection with that incident.

The couple had  a long history of domestic problems, which included multiple calls to authorities both in Minnesota and Illinois, where they had lived previously.

Lyuba Savenok had even filed an order for protection while they lived in Dupage County, Illinois, which was granted by authorities.

In the August 2014 order, Savenok described how her husband had hit her during sex and broken a window in a rage. He had also pulled her to her feet by her hair and left her with a bloody nose following a 45-minute wrestling bout.

However, she withdrew the order about 10 days later, documents show.


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