I Smell B.S. and it’s Coming From the White House

bs_smellThere is a big difference between the words “give” and “protect”, wouldn’t you say?  Well online at WhiteHouse.gov you will see that they seem to believe it is one-in-the-same thing.

Most of us know, I hope, that the founders placed the Bill of Rights to PROTECT certain inalienable rights; a.k.a rights every human has, which no government can GIVE or take away.

Well riddle-me-this then, why on earth would WhiteHouse.gov have published on it’s website,

The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms”?

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Is it because they want the rest of the uneducated masses to believe the government gives us this right, or any right at all for that matter?

Maybe they think if most of society believes this load-of-bull, then it will be easier for them to “take away” this right?

Whatever their motives, one thing is certain, whom ever published this piece of literature knew exactly what they were doing.  This is not a typo, this is an agenda.

Don’t be fooled by their propaganda. Watch out with their word usage and call them out on it.

I want you to call the White House and demand that this “interpretation” of the second amendment be changed to read:

The Second Amendment protects citizens’ right to bear arms”


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