‘I THOUGHT IT WAS A GAME’: Witnesses in the Tunisian Museum Attack Speak Up

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Far from a game. This attack claimed 23 lives.

One day after a shocking attack in Tunis killed at least 20 foreign tourists and rattled Tunisians, authorities are looking for anyone involved in gunmen’s brazen assault of the National Bardo Museum. Tunisia’s president says his country is “in a merciless war against terrorism.”

The death toll in the attack has steadily risen since Wednesday. Tunisia’s health ministry now says 23 people died, including a police officer. Two gunmen were killed after they wreaked havoc on the museum, targeting tourists who had only recently arrived at the museum on buses from cruise ships docked in Tunis. At least 40 people were wounded.

The victims reportedly include visitors from Japan, Italy, Colombia, France, Spain, Poland and Australia. Three people — including a couple who were traveling from Spain — had been missing until this morning, when they finally were accounted for.

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In Tunis, Wassel Bouzid, who witnessed the attack after he finished taking a tour group through the museum, tells NPR’s Leila Fadel that he was smoking a cigarette in the parking lot when he noticed that a young man in a blue jacket was pulling out a gun.

“From the beginning, I thought it was a game,” he says. “I thought he was one of the guests playing with his friends.”

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