‘I Was Hitler’s Food Taster’: Margo Wölk was the Woman with Most Dangerous Job in Nazi Germany

MargotWoelkShe wasn’t crying at the end of each meal because the food was so amazing. No, she was crying because she had survived another meal. Check out Margo’s incredible story.

Eating was a game of Russian roulette for Margo Wölk – because every mouthful of food could have killed her.

Although grateful for the bland vegetarian meals she was given, the 25-year-old and her colleagues were not being fed out of generosity.

Ms Wölk was one of 15 women employed at Adolf Hitler’s Prussian headquarters during the Second World War to taste the Nazi leader’s food to ensure it had not been poisoned.

Each day she was picked up by a guard and driven to a school building to test Hitler’s food. Despite her position, Ms Wölk never saw Hitler. She was however, raped by one of his guards.

Ms Wölk recalled an attempt on Hitler’s life on 20 July 1944, when a group of German army officers tried to detonate a bomb inside his lair.

She said: “We were sitting on wooden benches, and suddenly we heard and felt this incredible big bang.

‘We fell off the benches and I heard someone shouting, ”Hitler is dead!” But of course he wasn’t.’

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