Icebox Baby Survives: A Premature Baby’s Life was Reportedly Saved Due to His Parents Incubating Him in an Icebox for 5 Months

icebox babyOn the advice of a doctor, a premature baby boy’s life was saved after his parents incubated him inside a polystyrene icebox for five months, Cover Asia Press reported.

In October 2013, Mithilesh Chauhan was born two months premature at Alliance Hospital in Mumbai, India.  At birth, he reportedly weighed just 3 pounds 3 ounces and was in need of constant monitoring as he was prone to infections.

However, Mithilesh’s parents, Aruna and Ramseh Chauhan, said they could not afford to keep their son in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).  They claim that they initially paid for their son’s hospital stay by borrowing money from relatives, but they soon ran out of people to ask for help.  The new parents then tried reaching out to other government-run hospitals, but all the ICU waiting lists were reportedly too long.

Knowing the baby would have to be discharged soon, the Chauhans claimed that doctors at Alliance Hospital suggested a cheap – and unconventional – alternative.

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