If Carly is ‘Ugly’ Then What Is Whoopi?

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 6.15.10 PMEXACTLY!

By Doug Giles

After the last GOP debate, the “women” of The View pulled out their dragon-nails and said that Carly Fiorina looked “demented” and her face was worthy of a Halloween mask.


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Holy crap, ladies. That was mean. Did you guys have Angry Soup for lunch, or what?

I’ve got two words for that Carly cut-down…

1. Cat

2. Fight.

As a writer, I’ve been taught/pummeled for the last four-and-a-half Olympics, by the liberal thought police, that such personal digs were verboten when discussing politicians in public. Especially, female Democratic politicians. And triple, especially, are such insults frowned upon if you’re a white, conservative male and you’re the one jackhammering some evil liberal strudelhun.

Yep, my liberal critics have always sprayed me down with Windex every time I even thought about launching a verbal invective at some satanic beastess who dwells on the left side of the political aisle.  Bad Doug. Bad, bad Doug.

So, naturally, I was confused when the coven of The View let loose on our fair lady, Carly.

What’s up, girls?

I thought you dames prided yourselves in being in the feminist business of sticking up for the ladies?  Did I miss something?  Have the rules now changed and we can all, once again, go bare-knuckles and say whatever comes to mind about whomever and not give a flying rat’s backside how crude, rude and socially unacceptable it is?

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