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By Myra Adams

Two questions: Will President Obama nominate Attorney General Loretta Lynch to the Supreme Court? And will Hillary Clinton be indicted?

The answers to these questions could soon intersect and become a real-time political drama impacting the highest office and court in the land.

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Let’s start with the first question.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch appears on every shortlist of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees. It has also been reported that Obama will announce his decision shortly after the Senate returns to session on February 22. Therefore, one can surmise that his nominee is well-known on Capitol Hill and has had a prior Senate confirmation.

Obama is also betting that his nominee’s confirmation fight will work to the Democrats’ advantage in keeping the White House and winning back the Senate. Moreover, by stating that his nominee will be“indisputably qualified,” election year politics could force Senate Republicans into convening confirmation hearings.

Attorney General Lynch not only satisfies these speculative conditions, but as the first female black Supreme Court justice nominee she adds super-charged political optics.

With Lynch, President Obama knows he is mining electoral gold and garnering bragging rights with women and minorities — all while engaging in a new round of political gamesmanship.

And since Obama can count on racist/sexist overtones planted by Democrats in media, and on Capitol Hill, a Lynch nomination fight could be a win-win for him and his party.

Now for the second question. Will Hillary be indicted? (Which seems to be the proverbial 800-pound gorilla lurking in every conservative newsroom.)

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