IF TRUMP IS ELECTED: Twitter Users Threaten to Do This

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.44.33 PMIs that a promise?

Twitter users are most frequently naming Mexico as the country they would move to if Donald Trump wins the White House.

An analysis by Luminoso released Tuesday found 75,000 tweets where people said Mexico would be their escape from a Trump administration, according to USA Today. The tweets were among 200,000 “intent to move” posts referencing a change of residence should Trump win in 2016.

After Mexico, Canada was the second-most popular destination named by Twitter users, according to USA Today. Luminoso found that 17 percent of tweets analyzed — or 25,000 posts — picked America’s northern neighbor for a new home.

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The United Kingdom came in third, with 5 percent of tweets sampled — 11,000 total — mentioning the nation as a top choice.

Some 5,800 tweets referenced a move to Alaska, while another 1,500 named Hawaii, despite both being part of the United States.

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