Ignore the Meeting, MSM Thinks Trump’s “Manspreading” Should Be The Top Story [VIDEO]

The main stream media is on the left side of the political scale and it’s no secret they detest Trump and everything he does.

So it should come as no surprise that the “big story” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews decided to report on regarding the Trump and Putin G20 meeting was how the two leaders were “manspreading.”

You can now forget all they talked about, all the negotiations.

Yep, the real story here is how these two men sat in their chairs. Riveting.

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Mattews opened his show “Hardball” with a clip of the Trump and Putin addressing reporters before their meeting. “Well note the manspreading there by the two gentlemen,” Matthews stated.

That’s what we call hard-hitting journalism for you…

But he wasn’t done there. He revisited the issue at the end of the show as well, telling views this was the “big story” they should be looking at.

“Did you see how these two men sat today? Both tried to sit as far forward as they could in those big chairs up there in Hamburg, Germany. Putin, a much smaller fellow, seemed a bit dwarfed.”

“But the big story was the way they both engaged in the art of manspreading, widening their legs out as far as the wings of those chairs allowed them.”

“‘Nobody’s gonna outspread me!’ you can hear their little psyches urging them on.”

Seriously, did anyone even notice the way the two world leaders were sitting?

No, because there were far more important things going on. The MSM has fallen so low, they are grasping at straws in order to tear Trump down. We are expecting more feeble attempts in the future. Stay tuned.


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