Ignoring the Science: Are Gun Control Proponents Flat-Earthers?

guns kill kidsAs scholarly studies and international violent crime stats mount to show no correlation between gun control and less violent crime, gun control proponents ignore the science and continue pushing more gun control and more gun bans.

Are gun control proponents flat-earthers?

After all, just as flat-earthers ignored the discovery that the earth was round and continued to make explorers fear there was a point where they would fall off the edge of the world if they went too far in one direction or another, gun control proponents ignore the science seen through scholarship and claim gun control is the answer when in fact, it has been proven part of the problem.

Consider the study that examined gun ownership and gun crime internationally in Harvard’s Journal of Law and Public Policy. As Breitbart News reported on August 28, the study showed that with a handgun ban and long gun ownership at a lowly 4,000 per 100,000 inhabitants, Russia’s murder rate among Eastern European nations was…
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