Illegal Aliens Get 100% FREE RIDE to This University…INSANE!

Guarantee this university is going to go bankrupt with this new policy.

Trump won’t take too kindly to this either.

In Atlanta, GA, Emory University has announced that 100% of financial aid will be funded by the university for students who are in the country illegally.

Yes, instead of calling ICE, Emory University has decided to grant these law breakers with a privilege they don’t afford to legal citizens.

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Even international students are expected to cough up the dough for a full tuition.

But, undocumented undergraduate students, don’t you fret; Emory will have “100% of demonstrated financial need” covered by the university.

“Emory meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for undergraduate Undocumented Students (with or without DACA) who are admitted as first-year, first-degree-seeking students, and who graduated from a U.S. High school through a combination of grants and scholarships, institutional work study (DACA students only), and institutional loans. Undocumented Students without DACA status may receive an institutional loan in place of the typical work study award,” the university’s website states.

The whole ‘idea’ behind this insane, politically correct, lets give lawbreakers privileges over our citizens, financial aid program was to reflect the university’s commitment to diversity.

According to Megan McRainey, a spokeswoman for Emory,  “Emory accepts undocumented students for admission and financial aid, including those under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program,” McRainey wrote, adding that providing financial aid coverage to undocumented students aligns with Emory’s goal of welcoming “students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds.”

Can you smell the load of bullsh*t coming off that statement?

If this university is looking for federal grants, they’re really barking up the wrong tree.

How do you think Trump will respond to this?


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