I’m Bossy… I Mean, Successful? Beyonce and Celeb Friends Go On Campaign to Ban the Word “Bossy” to Describe Women

What do you call a pop diva whose demands (allegedly) include the following when she’s on tour?

  • All crew members have to wear 100% cotton.
  • Alkaline water must be chilled to 21 degrees and served with $900 titanium straws.
  • Bathrooms must have new toilet seats and red toilet paper at every venue.
  • Hand-carved ice balls should be made after each show to cool her throat.
  • Well I think I know what I’d call Beyonce and it begins with a “B”.

    But the word isn’t “bossy” obviously because that would be offensive and demeaning. So offensive and demeaning, in fact, that Beyonce wants it banned. And until it is she’s going to stamp and scream and kick her little feet and call the President at 3am and sack every male member of her entourage (or at least have them castrated) and nuke Texas and annexe the Crimea because, damn it, she’s not bossy herself at all, she’s just a strong, empowered, assertive woman in a patriarchal world of oppressive male sexism, is all.

    Beyonce is being supported in the #banbossy campaign by similarly shy, retiring wallflowers including Sheryl Sandberg (that bosspants woman who runs Facebook) and Jennifer Garner (Mrs Ben Affleck) and, mysteriously – for she surely ought to know better than engage in cultural Marxist assaults on our language – Condoleezza Rice.

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