‘I’M SORRY, MOM’: Heartbreaking Apology from 5-Year-Old who Accidentally Shot Baby Brother


I can not begin to imagine what this mother is going through right now. So sad. People, always practice gun safety!

In a moment of unspeakable heartbreak for a young mother, Alexis Wiederholt rushed into a bedroom in her father’s Elmo, Missouri, home, where she had just put down her nine-month-old baby Corbin for a nap, only to hear a dazed apology from her five-year-old son, who had been playing the same room.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” the boy said.

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“I shot Corbin.”

Wiederholt then ran over to the playpen where she had left her sleeping baby, only to find the infant bleeding profusely from a gunshot to the head.

“I walked in and there was my baby, lying there, bleeding,” the 26-year-old mom said in an interview with NBC News.

“I had just hugged him in my arms five minutes before that.”

In the tragedy that took place Monday, the five-year-old somehow got his hands on a.22 caliber Magnum pistol owned by his grandfather, William Porter, who said that he kept the gun in a locked case.

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