IN AN EFFORT TO REDUCE GUN-VIOLENCE: This Gun-Control Supporter Offers to Kill Reality Show Star with…

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Like all typical gun-controlers, this one is willing to resort to violence in order to reduce the stats on ‘gun-violence’.

Former Sons of Guns reality television show star Glenn Fleming was recently threatened with murder by yet another “peaceful” gun control supporter.


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You’ll note that like most gun control supporters, Lazaroff is wrong on the facts as well as being prone to violence. There have not been 355 mass shootings this year. There have been four.

Fleming had a bit more class than his unhinged attacker, and handled the incident with caution and with restraint:

OK kids after yesterdays shenanigans figured Id make this post. While the chick was clearly nuts there is no need to call her place of employment.

The police were called and asked what should go on. They suggested that I file a report not so much because of the lady in question (though she is clearly unhinged) but since the post has gone viral there may be anti gun folks looking to get back at me.

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