In His First Days, Trump SMASHES With This New Record

The numbers are plain as day. Not even liberals can deny this (but they’ll sure try).

Take a look at the stock market’s performance over the past year. It’s clear Trump is good for the market.


As CNBC reported:

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By one measure — the stock market’s — the Trump transition has few equals in terms of stability.

Using the Dow Jones industrial average as a guide, the market has only once gone up more in aggregate in the period between the election and inauguration. Over the same period, the Dow has never in history veered less on any given trading day from its close the day before.

The index rose a total of 7.62 percent in this most recent postelection period, and never fell more than 1.2 percent from its closing high the day before, according to Bespoke Investment Group.  Those numbers are nearly unprecedented going back to 1896 and the election of William McKinley. The only larger gain came under Herbert Hoover from 1920-21 of 21.85 percent. The least the market fell from its highs, aside from the Trump move, was 2.7 percent for Bill Clinton in 1992-93 and 2.9 percent for Dwight Eisenhower.



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