INCREDIBLE: Loyal Dog Waits a WEEK Outside Hospital for Owner to Come Out After Emergency Surgery

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.33.17 AMIn case you had doubts about who man’s best friend was, here is the answer! Aren’t dogs AWESOME?

The expression that dogs are man’s best friend has rarely seemed truer.

Spaniard Sandra Iniesta was rushed to hospital with severe abdomen pain while travelling back from a holiday with her father Andres – not the World Cup-winning footballer – and Akita Inu breed Maya.

The 22-year-old underwent an operation for appendicitis and has been in the Elda Hospital for almost a week now, but despite Andres’ best efforts Maya refuses to be dragged away from the doors.

The pooch, who is almost two, has become somewhat of a star in Spain after hospital staff at the Alicante facility made her loyalty public, according to The Telegraph.

Sandra said: ‘She is just doing what she does in Barcelona.

‘Whenever I go inside some place or another, she waits for me at the door.’

Her father added: ‘She’s a fully paid-up member of the family.’

‘I think she knows what is happening and she is showing that she can be patient.’

But Maya is not the first dog to show amazing loyalty to her human companion.

Earlier this year, Hachiko the Japanese Akita dog returned to the Russian train station where his owner left him every day for nearly ten years after his death.


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