INCREDIBLE: Stray Dog Saves Woman from Being Stabbed While Getting Cut Himself–Almost Died

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 10.43.31 AMThe fact that a stray dog stepped in to save a defenseless woman is an incredible act of heroism. If only more people in society were as brave as this dog. He gets the ultimate reward! You got to love this.

A stray pit bull has a new home a month after saving a Georgia woman from a knife attack — while getting stabbed himself.

The pooch was named ‘Hero’ after the July 22 incident in Baldwin, when he lunged toward a male attacker and saved a saved the female victim.

He has now been adopted by Sara and David Simpson, of Tennessee — and even has two doggy friends in his new home.

‘We are really blessed to be taking this baby and making him family,’ Sara Simpson wrote in a Facebook post. ‘Adjustments are going well.’

Hero was stabbed five times and was left for dead, until a pair of police officers found him and took him to a local veterinary.


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