INFRINGED: Second amendment in the crosshairs

infringedDesigned for theatrical and home video release, INFRINGED: Second Amendment in the Crosshairs is a project that will address a critically important social and individual rights issue in the United States. The right to keep and bear arms, as defined by the Second Amendment, is under unprecedented attack.

INFRINGED is an ambitious feature-length documentary now in the funding stage (to help bring this needed project to the screen, CLICK HERE). INFRINGED will explore, in a factual and in-depth manner, the rationale behind the Bill of Rights – especially the Second Amendment. Importantly, the project will examine how those liberties, so elegantly crafted by our founding fathers, have protected Americans for more than 200 years. It will also expose the efforts by today’s radical statists to infringe upon, erode and ultimately remove these fundamental rights.


What is the true meaning of the Second Amendment? Did our founding fathers really intend to insure an individual’s right to keep and bear arms?  Is that part of the Second Amendment simply about gun ownership – or does it encompass something farther-reaching?  And is the Second Amendment still relevant today – or, as some bureaucrats insist, should such rights no longer exist?

Sit in on historically accurate reenactments of both of the drafting and enactment of the Bill of Rights.  Find yourself in the same situations as present-day gun owners who’ve saved not only their own lives and their loved ones, but also those of others, through the legal use of the same defensive weapons anti-gun advocates now seek to ban.  Combined with revealing television news footage, interviews with experts and a whole lot more, INFRINGED will lay bare precisely what is at stake – and how essential it is to preserve ALL the rights Americans are blessed with and must retain for future generations.

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The Second Amendment was one in a series of moves by our Founding Fathers to insure Americans would be free citizens – with guaranteed rights as individuals – and not subjects – the property of an all-powerful government, as they’d been in Europe.  It would have been intolerable to our Founding Fathers that any disparity between citizens, soldiers and law enforcement officers be drawn as to which personal “arms” could be carried.



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