INFURIATED: Ferguson Cops Express Anger at ‘Soft’ Approach to Protestors

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With reports on what the ‘non-violent’ protestors are planning to do, I would be concerned too.

Newly released email exchanges between police brass show that the Missouri State Police captain placed in charge of security in Ferguson after Michael Brown’s killing was both vilified and praised for attempting to replace authorities’ militarized approach with one more sympathetic to protesters.

The emails, obtained by The Associated Press through an open-records request, also show that police tried to find a way to protect members of the clergy who were in the protest crowds, and that some officers objected to an order to take their meals in public.

The messages offer a small window into the inner workings of Missouri law-enforcement agencies as they tried to quell the tensions that arose following the fatal shooting of the black 18-year-old by white police officer Darren Wilson.

The records also vividly illustrate one of the many challenges authorities could face if new protests develop — how to walk a fine line between providing public empathy and security.

There is no specific date for a grand jury decision to be announced on whether to charge Wilson. But anticipation has been mounting because St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has said previously that he expects a decision by mid-to-late November.

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