INSANE: Bill Clinton SMILES When Heckled ‘You’re a Rapist’

This is sick. If he was innocent, you would think he would be offended by this. Instead he laughs it off! It’s disgusting that he can get away with this and that his wife walks around calling herself the champion of women’s rights.

The word rapist gets thrown around a lot at the Clintons. Why? Because one is rapey and the other is a rape apologist.

However, while the media tries to cover it up as best they can, the people have had enough

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The potential First Gentleman was speaking to a crowd in Milwaukee as part of the campaign to elect his wife, Hillary, when he was interrupted by the man – believed to be a Trump supporter.

He began his sentence, saying: “No one can dispute the fact…”

But as he took pause the raucous member of the crowd shouted “that you’re a rapist”.

The former world leader looked visibly shaken at first, turning towards the heckler and saying “oh yeah?” before turning to the rest of the crowd and breaking into a chuckle.

Right, because if a conservative chuckled after being called a rapist…


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