INSANE: Iraqi Christian Shares How ISIS Fighters ‘Married’ Her Only for RAPE

This woman’s story will send shivers down your spine. What is scary is that these terrorists are on our soil in America. Stay armed ladies.

An Iraqi Christian who escaped the ISIS stronghold of Mosul says she was “married and divorced” as many as nine times a night, all to give her tormentors a twisted justification for rape, according to an interview conducted by an advocacy group and reviewed by Fox News.

“They had me whenever they would desire it,” the woman, whose name was withheld for her own protection, says in the interview with the nonprofit group In Defense of Christians (IDC). “Especially this one, Farouk, who was obsessed with me and he would say, ‘I like the people of Jesus.'”

The rapes were preceded by phony marriage ceremonies that the Islamic radicals believed gave them permission to attack her, she said.

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“What wedding?” said the woman, who appears to be in her thirties and is seen sobbing and shaking in parts of the interview. “For them it was a wedding, but what kind of wedding is this?”

The woman said her story is not uncommon, and that she wants it told so the world will act to protect Christians, said In Defense of Christians President Toufic Baaklini.

“She asked for her story to be heard in the United States – that it is happening not only to her,” said Baaklini. “It’s happened to many, many Christians, Yazidis and Yazidi woman, and others.”

In the interview, a tape and partial transcript of which were provided to Fox News, the woman recounts how her husband vanished after ISIS took control of Mosul in 2014.  Baaklini said she left two older children in the care of neighbors, and along with her new baby, began searching for him.


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