INSANE: Stanford Rapist Gets 2 MONTH CUT from 6 Month Sentence After Pulling This Stunt

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 5.49.34 PMDo you think this creep will get some jailhouse justice. It’s insane he is getting away with this.

Stanford rapist Brock Turner, repeatedly lied to his probation officer in a bid to secure more lenient treatment, court documents reveal – but has already had two months cut from his sentence.

The 20-year-old claimed to have been ‘kissing’ the victim and speaking with her in the lead-up to the attack – at odds with the statement he made to police on the night of the attack.

He also refused to admit that the victim was unconscious at the time – saying instead, he had asked if ‘she wanted sexual interaction’ and was told ‘yeah’ in response.

The probation report discloses that the Santa Clara district attorney intervened to point out that the ‘defendant was untruthful in his testimony’ to the officer – which was made after his conviction.

The documents also reveal that Turner hopes to serve his three-year probation in his home state of Ohio and has already requested a transfer.

Turner is currently incarcerated in the low-security 3,500-bed Elmwood jail in Milpitas, California, where sources say he is being kept away from the general prison population due to the nature of his crimes.

And, despite the ongoing outcry over the ‘lenient’ six month sentence he received, Daily Mail Online can reveal that he is due to be released after just four months – on September 2.

In his statement, which was made to his probation officer and filed with sentencing documents, Turner claims to have been ‘very drunk’ and says he ‘got close’ with the victim at the party.

He continued: ‘We danced and kissed. Then I asked her if she wanted to go back to my room with me.

‘She agreed and we were walking back to my room and she slipped on a slope beside a wooden shed and I got down on the ground with her and we started kissing.’

However, in the statement he made to police immediately after the attack, Turner claimed to have met the victim outside and later told officers that he ‘would not recognize her if he saw her again’.

Nevertheless, in his statement, Turner claimed the victim had ‘made a positive response’ when he brought up the idea of ‘sexual interaction’ – adding:

‘I idiotically rationalized that since we had been making out when each of us fell to the ground, that it would be a good idea to take things a step further since we were just in the heat of the moment at that location.

‘I pull away from kissing her and whisper in her ear if she wanted me to finger her. She responds to me and acknowledges what I said with saying ‘Yeah’.

‘Having heard her response, I decided to take her underwear off.’

He added: ‘I thought she was satisfied with the sexual interaction that had taken place based on her moaning and the way in which she held on to me with her arms on my back.’

Witness statements, however, flatly contracted his account with Swedish graduate students Peter Jonsson and Carl-Frederik Arndt both telling the police and court that the victim had been motionless at the time.

Speaking about the police interview that followed the incident, Turner said he spent most of it thinking that he ‘could never rape somebody’.

‘All I could think during that interview was that I never raped someone and would never even think of doing that,’ he said in a statement later read out in court.

‘I wish I would have forced myself at the time to remember every single minute detail that happened that night and express that.

‘I wish I would have said that I know I didn’t run from [the victim] but did run from the guy [Jonsson] that I was fearful of even if it was a flight or fight reaction.

‘I didn’t know what I didn’t say would be such a huge deal because I know I never raped anybody that night and that’s all that would matter.’

Turner, who is described in the court file as suffering from depression, also claimed to be haunted by what happened on the night of the rape – and says he shakes uncontrollably ‘from the amount I torture myself’ over the incident.


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