INSANE: Thugs Beat Mentally-Challenged Man Who was Wearing… [WATCH]

This is the kind of violence that will make your blood boil.

Four thugs from the ages of 12-15 were identified on Tuesday after video surfaced of the hoodlums targeting a mentally-challenged man in a viral social media post.

They’ve been arrested by Philadelphia police officers with charges of aggravated assault are most likely pending against them.

Watching the footage is incredibly disturbing.

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It was uploaded on Monday and you can see the young thugs LAUGHING while they punch and mock their targeted victim.

The mentally-challenged man was wearing an ‘I Love Jesus’ key chain around his neck.

One of the twerps initially punches the victim in the face. The gang then starts laughing hysterically and as the man tries to escape another kid, the 15yr-old, chases him down and punches him in the face.

The viral footage has had 7 million views.

PA Police Captain Malachi Jones said, “Obviously, the video is very disturbing. It appears this male, who is 38 years old, was targeted because he is mentally challenged. It’s a senseless act of violence.”

“To them, they might have thought this was clever, but my message to them and kids in general is to do more constructive things with your time. Because you shouldn’t be out there messing with people,” added Jones.

“Police were made aware of the content and determined the video was recorded on Memorial Day at Chelten Avenue and Knox Street in Germantown,” according ABC Action News. “They said neighbors and others came forward with essential information that helped them identify the young suspects.”

Thuglings like these don’t come without a prior record though.

At least two of the boys, if you could call them that, are also suspects in another attack carried out on a school principal involving bricks.

WTF are their parents thinking?

If these kids don’t clean up their act soon, they will be in and out of jail for the rest of their lives.


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