INSANE: Toddler Found Screaming, Chained to Fence with Rope Around Her NECK

The parents of this little toddler aren’t in line for ‘Parents Of The Year’ award. Several times the girl has been caught outside by herself. This time, a more horrifying scene occurred. What should happen to the parents?

A toddler was found tied to a wire fence with a bungee cord around the neck by a concerned neighbor.

The child was discovered by Matt Knight, who lives in the Nevada Lidgerwood area in Washington.

He was mowing his lawn when he heard screams from across the street. He then found the little girl strapped to a metal gate and ‘struggling around her neck’.

A woman claiming to be the child’s mother told KHQ that the youngster had become tangled up in the cords – but would not elaborate on why the child was out of the house alone.

Police have been called to the house on three separate occasions when the child was left unattended and seen crawling in the streets alone.

Recalling the distressing scene, Mr Knight told KHQ: ‘I walked over there and the kid, like the photo you saw, was strapped or caught up in some of the bungee strap to the fence.


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