INSANE VIDEO: Shows Massive Gun Heist at Texas Gun Store

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.06.54 AMThis is where law enforcement comes in to do their jobs. They need to find and prosecute these criminals, as well as get those guns back.

The ATF has arrested three suspects in a fast, coordinated burglary at a Houston gun store that emptied a wall of rifles and a display case of guns. Police report as many as 10 people were part of the crew.

According to local news sources, many of the guns have already been recovered, but that authorities have not shared how many, and the total number of stolen guns is still unknown. The crew stole more guns than they could carry, dropping firearms on the floor as they made their way out.

The local police and the ATF estimate that as many as seven or more thieves remain at large, and that they got away with at least 50 firearms. The crew worked quickly to carry out as many firearms as possible before the police could respond.

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