INSIDE INTEL: Islamic State Defector Tells All About Jihadi John’s Executions

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.11.16 AMQuestion is, do we believe this ‘unsuccessful’ terrorist?

A US airstrike might have taken out the notorious ISIS terrorist known as Jihadi John, who beheaded hostages in gruesome propaganda videos.

His death has not yet been confirmed, but Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement Thursday evening that an airstrike US forces carried out in Raqqa, Syria, was targeting the notorious executioner, whose real name is Mohammed Emwazi. Cook said the US was still “assessing the results” of the strike.

A defector from ISIS, which is also known as the Islamic State, talked to Sky News earlier this year about how militants prepared captives for executions and how Emwazi, a 27-year-old British citizen who lived in London before joining ISIS, gave orders.

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“Turkish man say, ‘Put this camera there, change place there,’ but John [was] the big boss,” the defector in Turkey said of Emwazi. “All time, all time say to all ‘fastly, fastly, fastly, we should finish.’ So respect him. Only he talks orders — others do.”

The jihadist group reportedly staged mock executions to prepare hostages for being on camera, telling them in the rehearsals that they would not be harmed.

Sky reports: “The execution rehearsals took place so that when the moment of death finally came, the hostages were not expecting to be killed and were relaxed to appeal for their release on camera.”

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