Intelligence Agencies WITHHOLD Information from Trump Out of Fear for Leaks

Does no one who’s left over in Washington care that Trump is the president? Doesn’t he need to be informed of certain information? Would they have ever thought to do this with Obama? This is The Wall Street Journal that reported on this. How much credit do you give this?

By Bryan Logan

US intelligence agencies are said to be keeping some sensitive information away from President Donald Trump over concerns about potential leaks, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday night.

Specifically, the officials cited by The Journal said they were hesitant to reveal to Trump the “sources and methods” that intelligence agencies use to collect sensitive information.

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That is not an unusual departure from protocol, Journal writers Shane Harris and Carol Lee reported. Intelligence officials sometimes withhold details from the president and other high-level government leaders to protect a source, the officials said.

But the newspaper cited unnamed current and former US officials who told The Journal their hesitations are due in part to lingering questions over possible links between Trump associates and Russia, which they said could potentially compromise the security of such classified information.

A spokesperson for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence denied The Journal’s report in a statement on Wednesday night, saying “any suggestion that the US Intelligence Community is withholding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the President and his national security team is not true.”

Trump has had a tenuous relationship with the intelligence community since his election. The people interviewed by The Journal said that is one of the reasons for their reticence to share their methods of collecting sensitive data.

Trump has frequently alternated between railing against US spy agencies and then praising them, as he did in January during an appearance at the CIA shortly after his inauguration. He has accused the same agencies of pursuing “politically motivated” investigations, on the other hand, as they concluded that Russia tried to interfere in the US election.


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