INTRUDER ENTERS THIS CHICK’S HOME: Then She Pulls Out a Katana and Proceeds to Kick his A**


When Karen Dolley woke up and found an intruder standing in the hallway of her Indianapolis home early Friday morning, she knew she had to do whatever it took to protect herself.

“I could see the guy standing right about here and I just came out of the bathroom and started punching get out, get out, get out,” says Dolley.

The 43-year-old woman who is trained in medieval combat jumped out of bed, flicked on the lights, and punched the man in the face at least ten times.

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“He was trying to deflect my punches with his hands,” says Dolley.

Then, she grabbed her large Japanese combat sword.

“It is 440C stainless steel, it has an edge and it will cut,” says Dolley.

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