Inventive Campaign Ad: Darius Foster Tells Voters Not to Put Him in a Box [Video]

Editor’s Note: This ad is a fresh way to go about campaigning. Darius Foster encourages viewers, in a creative way, to get to know him and his views before making a judgement.

In a state known for its less-than-high-road political commercials, an Alabama House candidate is earning high praise for his ad urging voters to “think outside the box.”

Darius Foster, Republican candidate for House District 56, released his ad earlier this month. The 1 minute video shows people of all races reading bio information about Foster, who is black.

In the ad, Foster said he decided to make the video to share the facts “while challenging stereotypes.”

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“In a nutshell, I am not monolithic. I am many things. I can’t be put in a box,” he says in the ad.

The ad goes on:

“Did you know that while growing up, we went half the winter without heat? Or that I think best while listening to Frank Sinatra?

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