IRAN: 14-Year-Old Accused of Being Gay is Hanged at Boy’s Summer Camp

gay teens

This is the country that liberals are so excited we’re doing business with. Ironic.

A 14-year-old was reportedly hanged from a tree in Isfahan, Iran.
Akbar Zargarzadeh, the young teen, had been at an Islamic boys’ camp when the cleric accused him of being gay.

The mullah told the other boys that the young teen was ‘deserving of death’.

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Amir Taheri, a former editor of Iran’s main newspaper Kayhan, first posted the story on Twitter yesterday:

Benjamin Weinthal, the European Affairs correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, called for the European Union to criticize the murder.

‘Lethal homophobia under self-described moderate [President Hassan] Rouhani,’ Weinthal tweeted.

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