IRANIAN-GERMAN TEEN: Responsible for Munich Shoot Out–Authorities Claim He Was…

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 9.34.03 AMThe identity of the Munich shooter has been revealed. Ali David Sonboly was an 18yr-old Iranian-German. Authorities have made an assessment on the shooter, but do you think there is more to it?

The mentally ill loner who killed nine in a murderous rampage in Munich is believed to have deliberately targeted young people in revenge for years of bullying.

Ali Sonboly, only 18, hacked into a teenage girl’s Facebook account and invited her friends to join her at a McDonald’s, where he embarked upon a brutal killing spree with a semi-automatic Glock 17.

Today, as the fresh young faces of his victims started to emerge, Angela Merkel said Germany mourned ‘with a heavy heart’. Seven of the nine he killed were teenagers and the youngest was just 13 years old.

Police described Sonboly as a ‘deranged loner’ and it is believed he may have been seeking revenge after years of bullying.

He was ‘obsessed’ with computer games and had threatened to murder friends before, telling them to ‘I will kill you all’ in a chat room.

Police raided the killer’s parents’ flat overnight and discovered the Iranian-German was reading documents about ‘spree shootings’ before he carried out the attack.

Officers also found he had a book, Why Kids Kill: Inside The Minds of School Shooters, in his bag when he started firing at helpless children who tried to run away.

Among those killed was Dijamant Zabergja, 21, whose father informed the world of his tragic death in a heartbreaking post on Facebook today.

He was Kosovan, along with two others – Armela Segashi and Sabina Sulaj – who were killed in the rampage yesterday.

He had stockpiled ammunition and obtained the gun illegally, although police are still trying to find out how he got it.

Police initially believed it was a terrorist attack Munich chief Hubertus Andrae said today that left-handed Sonboly – whose father works as a taxi driver – had no links to ISIS.

He described him as a ‘classical shooter without any political motivation’ and added that he committed suicide after turning the gun on himself.

It also emerged that the teenager received ‘psychological treatment’ and was interested in mass shootings after files were found at his parents’ home, which was two miles from the scene.

He also filed the serial number from the gun and police officers who raided his parents’ apartment also found the killer had several first-person shooter games on his computer.

Police today confirmed that the teenager – whose mother works in German department store Karstadt – hacked a young woman’s Facebook account in a bid to lure children to their deaths with a promise of free food from McDonald’s.

In the post, he urged youngsters to gather at the specific restaurant yesterday afternoon to take advantage of the special offer.

At around 4.50pm, the black-clad shooter burst from the toilets in the restaurant and began ‘killing the children’ with a pistol, witnesses said.

He then continued his bloody spree in a local shopping centre and on the streets around Munich’s Olympic quarter.

Seven of nine dead victims were teens, including three aged just 14, and 27 people were injured. They were 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 45, and 18, with the rest of the ages yet to be released.

Police confirmed the attacker had dual nationality and had lived in Germany for some time – at least two years, possibly much longer.

Last night German commandos raided the home the attacker shared with his parents in the suburb of Maxvorstadt. Locals there described him as a ‘quiet guy’.

Reports also suggest that the teenager changed his WhatsApp profile picture to infamous mass murderer Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway on 22 July, 2011.

Mr Andrae said there was an ‘obvious’ link between the shocking massacre on Friday and the fifth anniversary of Breivik’s attacks.

Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the whole country is mourning with a ‘heavy heart’ following the attack.

She said:  ‘I do thank you for pulling together in the name of the whole German country, now in mourning with a heavy heart for those who will never return to their families.

‘For those families, parents and children, for whom everything will seem empty today, we do share your pain, we think about you, we suffer with you.

‘Our thoughts also go to the several injured. May you quickly and completely recover and you will get all the support you need from us.

‘This night is very difficult for all of us, especially because within recent days we have had sad news such as Nice, where a lorry attacker killed 84 people, then the horrific axe attack on a train near Wurzburg.

‘The severely injured are still suffering and the motives and the background of the man who came to Germany a year ago and was brainwashed by Islamic State will be clarified.’

She went on to praise the German people for standing together in the wake of the attack, and security forces for their reaction.

She added: ‘Since yesterday evening we have had many messages from abroad to let Germans know that they are by our side. It is good to know that we have many friends when standing against violence.

‘We will also not rest until we know how the attacker in Wurzburg was radicalised. The state will do all it can to protect people in Germany.’

French President Francois Hollande branded the killings a ‘terrorist attack’, adding that he would speak with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday morning.

He said: ‘The terrorist attack that struck Munich killing many people is a disgusting act that aims to foment fear in Germany after other European countries.

‘Germany will resist, it can count on France’s friendship and cooperation.

The attack paralysed the southern German city, bringing renewed fears of terrorism to mainland Europe just a week after the Nice atrocity.

A total lockdown of the area was only lifted early today when police confirmed the gunman was acting alone and had killed himself in a side street nearby and gave a ‘cautious all-clear’.

Meanwhile, heavily-armed police raided Sonboly’s apartment on Dachauer Street, which is approximately two miles from where yesterday’s rampage took place.

Locals reported police storming the fourth floor apartment in the early hours of this morning.

The motive for the attack, which was captured in numerous dramatic videos, remained unclear today, however police were investigating footage posted online which showed the gunman talking of being ‘bullied for seven years’, raising fears it was a revenge attack on youngsters who had wronged him.

But just a week after another teenager attacker launched an ISIS-inspired axe attack on a German train, witnesses in McDonald’s described hearing the attacker shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – or ‘God is Great’ – a cry used by Islamist terrorists during previous attacks. And ISIS supporters took to social media in the hours after yesterday’s atrocity to celebrate the killings.

Three people remain critically ill this morning following the attack, with 16 others receiving medical treatment. In total, 27 people were hurt.

The outrage began in a busy branch of McDonald’s opposite Munich’s Olympia shopping mall, in the city’s northern Moosach district.

And a man, who claimed that his son was killed during yesterday’s attack, was seen holding flowers and a photograph close to where the atrocity took place.

One witness, named only as Loretta, told how she had been in the McDonald’s with her son when the shooting started.

She told CNN: ‘I come out of the toilet and I hear, like an alarm, boom, boom, boom. He’s killing the children. The children were sitting to eat. They can’t run.’

Loretta said she had been in the restrooms at the same time as the shooter, with her eight-year-old son. As he started shooting, he yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’, she said.

A local boy, named only as Orhan T, wept as he told how he was on the phone to a young friend when he heard gunshots down the line before the call cut out. ‘We can no longer reach him,’ Orhan said, ‘not even his parents [can]. He’s like my brother.’

Orhan’s father Murat raced to the scene to try and find the youngster. All he found were ‘lifeless bodies’ in McDonald’s and outside a nearby shop, before police cleared him from the area.

Overnight hearses arrived at the scene to removed some of the bodies.

After beginning his rampage, the crazed teen burst onto Hanauer Street outside and was captured in shocking footage aiming his pistol at bystanders and unleashing 20 rapid shots. At least one person was killed on the pavement.

The video showed the attached wearing a black t-shirt with a red backpack over it and jeans. He aims at several people just yards from him, including children, and opens fire sending them running for their lives.

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