IRAQI CHRISTIANS PERSECUTED BY ISIS: Evacuated to Slovakia… No Thanks to Obama

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 5.59.54 PMDefinitely won’t hear about Obama doing this.

A privately-chartered Airbus 321 carrying 149 Christian refugees departed from the Kurdistan region of Iraq and landed in Kosice, Slovakia, Thursday. Each of the families on the plane had lost their property, livelihood and future due to the Islamic States terrorizing of the Christian Nineveh Plane in August of last year.

The operation was the result of weeks of planning by Glenn Beck and his charity Mercury One’s Nazarene Fund. To date, the fund has raised more than $12 million, with contributions averaging $100 per donor. The focus of the mission was the evacuation and resettlement of displaced Christians from countries like Syria and Iraq to new countries where the refugee families could reestablish themselves and preserve their religion.

“I am so grateful to the 130,000 individuals whose generous contributions made this journey possible, and I’m sure, if they could, the refugees would thank them, too,” Beck, who flew to meet the refugees in Iraq as they prepared to fly to Slovakia, said in a press release.

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According to Beck, the Christian population has been in decline from the more than two million professing Christians who used to reside in Iraq and Syria.

“While the world watched in near total silence, their ancient churches and monasteries were destroyed, their children were sold on slave markets, their property was confiscated, and those who survived have faced extortion and continued threats of kidnapping and beheading,” Beck continued.

The operation was conducted within international parameters and best practices, according to Mercury One. Additionally, the security, logistics and vetting processes were orchestrated by Peregrine Consultants, whose staff used a vetting strategy that “exceeded present international standards.”

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