IRAQI FORCES BLITZ FALLUJAH: But ISIS Cowers Behind 50,000 ‘HUMAN SHIELDS’ and the Civilians are OK with it

isisThese people are not only monsters but cowards as well.

Islamic State fighters hid behind 50,000 civilian hostages as Iraqi forces blitzed Fallujah.

The jihadis used the human shield as efforts to retake the ­terrorist stronghold, which kicked off under a US-led coalition on May 22, intensified.

Some 70 fanatics have been killed in airstrikes in the past five days in Iraq and Syria, including Maher al-Bilawi, IS’s leader in Fallujah.

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Colonel Steve Warren, spokesman for the US-led coalition , said the terrorists “are holding the civilian population captive so that they can hide behind them”. In a weekly update of operations, he added: “We’ve killed more than 70 enemy fighters, including Al-Bilawi.”


Brigadier Rasool Yahya said: “We are advancing. The presence of civilians in the city could delay us. The enemy left the outskirts and stationed itself inside Fallujah.”

But some of Fallujah’s mainly Sunni residents claim to prefer the city under IS control compared with supposed marginalisation under the Shia-dominated government.


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