Is it guns, or the guys I date?

gun nutI’ve noticed a trend in my life. As a single girl, I occasionally meet men who ask me out. (Keep reading, that’s not the trend…) Most of these men only stay in my life for a meal or two, sometimes even less (coffee dates).

However, the ones that stick around for a little while longer, tend to be pretty engrossed in the gun world.

This would make sense if I were hanging out at the gun range all the time, or meeting them only in the sporting goods stores.

But I happen to be visiting both of these locations even less than the average person ought to, let alone a gun blogger, so I’m perplexed.

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Guns are not the end all and be all of my world. I have a great deal of interests. I love animals. I do all sorts of crafting activities, and enjoy cooking and gardening.

When I have a little extra time, I’m just as likely to go camping, as try a new restaurant. I set aside some of my weekly hours to volunteer with an organization with which I connect spiritually.

Yet, over the past two years, the men who have come into my life for more than one date, were more than just tolerant of my passion for firearms, they shared it.

There are plenty of passionate people in the world. I know women who are chefs and even when not cooking, their lives center around food. I’ve met artists who create beautiful works of art and…



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