Is It Liberal Craziness Or Something Much Worse?

let me thinkSince the complete takeover of our government by the Left in 2008, we have become accustomed to a level of craziness that surpasses belief. Oh sure, you cannot lay the responsibility for the disappearance of common sense as we used to know it at Obama’s feet; the craziness began long before he took over.

It has just gotten much worse. Our society at this point resembles a house that is falling in from a termite infestation.

The undermining has been going on for a long time, with those voracious little insects nibbling away at the structure of the house with their tunneling over a long period of time, but the foundation of the house has only recently become so weak as to begin caving in altogether.

As a writer, I used to be able to use hyperbole to make a point. Hyperbole is a form of exaggeration, where you can set up a literary premise that is far-fetched, but people understand that the situation you set up metaphorically is actually what is going on.

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For example, I remember a Dave Barry column where he discussed people with outrageous “comb-over’s”, so that as their male pattern baldness proceeds and the follically challenged area grows, the comb-over begins lower and lower until it becomes what Barry calls a “sideburn from hell”.

In recent times, however, it has become more and more difficult to imagine some situation that is so ridiculous that there is not a special interest group advocating it. What seems to be missing is common sense, which is simply a societal understanding of what is “normal”.

This has been replaced by a generalized sense that there are no absolutes, and that to imply that there are means that somehow you are interfering with someone’s “rights”. In point of fact, it is becoming very difficult to have a conversation with a person you have just met about much of anything but the weather, because since society has been replaced balkanized special interest groups, you risk “offending” your new acquaintance by discussing anything but the most trivial matters.

If, in trying to make small talk with a woman you have just met, you say that you would like to buy her a cup of coffee, you may get lambasted for being sexist and condescending, or you may get pilloried for not seeking out an organic, fair-market brew, or who knows what. So, you just comment on the weather.

In light of this craziness, when we read the stories posted daily about children being abused by their schools for incidents having to do with guns or gun imagery, we tend to relegate it simply to Leftist insanity.

Undoubtedly you are already familiar with some of the most famous incidents, which seemed to grow exponentially in both frequency and absurdity immediately following the Sandy Hook incident.

We have the case of the kindergarten boy who brought a cap gun he had recently acquired onto a school bus to show his friend, who had shown him his water pistol the previous day.

School gestapo interrogated him for over two hours, causing him to wet his pants from fear, then called his parents and suspended him for two weeks for his horrible crime.

But it is not necessary to possess a “gun”, toy or otherwise, to incur the wrath of gun-hating liberal school officials. Perhaps the first of these incidents to come to national attention was the infamous “Pop-Tart” case, where an 8 year-old Baltimore student chewed his pastry into the shape of mountain.

Since it wound up looking more like a gun than a mountain, he said, “bang bang.” Anne Arundel County thought police decided that this was an “inappropriate” use of his imagination and promptly suspended him from school.

In a similarly ludicrous vein, a few weeks ago, a seven-year-old Virginia boy was suspended for pretending a pencil was a gun at his Suffolk school.

It is not, however, necessary to have a toy gun, a pencil, or a Pop-Tart to exceed the bound of liberal propriety. A sixth grader at Northern Middle School in Owings, MD, was talking with friends about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre on the way home from school on the bus.

According to his Dad, “He said, I wish I had a gun to protect everyone. He wanted to defeat the bad guys. That’s the context of what he said. He wanted to be the hero.” The bus driver hauled him back to school to be questioned by the principal, Darrel Prioleau. “The principal told me that with what happened at Sandy Hook if you say the word ‘gun’ in my school you are going to get suspended for 10 days,” the boy said in an interview with

Worse yet, deputy sheriff of the county was also called in and said “he would need to search their home.”

The deputy arrived at their home 15 minutes later armed with a four-page questionnaire, full of intrusive questions, which the Dad was told he needed to answer in order for the boy to return to school. After the questionnaire was completed, the deputy started to search the home, until the boy’s Dad finally had enough and asked the deputy to leave.

This is unfortunately not the only incident of a child simply talking about a gun that has led to draconian measures by hysterical school officials.

On February 29th, Noah Aguirre, a first-grader at James McGee Elementary School in Pasco, SD, was sent home after another student told their teacher that Noah had a gun with him. In reality, Noah had no gun, but was still was punished for talking with other students about the Nerf guns the family recently bought during a trip to Lincoln City, Ore.

The girl who reported him felt her “health and safety were threatened”. It has been a long time since I was in the first grade, but not long enough to forget how some kids tattle to the teacher to get other kids they do not like in trouble. It would appear that the teacher and officials know very little about the dynamics of interpersonal relations in the first grade.

Since liberals are inherently not very bright, and are sufficiently detached from reality that they are unable to see the abject failure of their various utopian schemes whenever and wherever they have been tried, this sort of idiotic behavior by school personnel doesn’t surprise us.

The tendency is to assume that these incidents are merely aberrations by over-enthusiastic idiots that need to be reined in.

The problem is bigger than that, however. If you looks at these cases as isolated incidents, you will fail to see the forest for the trees. If you connect the dots, a far more alarming picture emerges. Consider “hate speech” legislation;  you can see how far this administration has already gone to abrogate your First Amendment right to free speech.

What is “hate speech” exactly? Well, the legal definition is … that it is up to some judge to decide whether he/she approves of what you said or not. Not only do you no longer have a right to express yourself, you don’t even know whether what you say is “offensive” until someone decides after the fact.

With “hate crime” legislation, we have a new category of crimes based upon what some judge thinks you may have been thinking at the time. So, if you cave in someone’s head with a beer bottle, which is not nearly as bad as if you might have been thinking that you didn’t like the ball team on his jersey when you hit him.

Not only are you no longer allowed to say what you want, you can’t even think it.

Viewed in that light, the anti-gun paranoia playing out in the schools is a very heavy-handed form of liberal bullying. In another context it would be correctly labeled brain washing.

Stories of POW’s brainwashed during the Korean and Vietnamese wars recount how physical and mental techniques included intimidation, deprivation, and reward/punishment to bring prisoners not only to comply but ultimately to identify with their captors.

A lengthy interrogation until the subject loses control of his bladder through fear is a classic example of these techniques. “Zero tolerance” in the schools for any “gun talk”, constant propaganda about how bad guns are, and exaggerated punishment for the slightest infraction are brainwashing techniques that are being used on your children as we speak. Your school may not yet have had an incident that has attracted national attention, but rest assured that the subtle brainwashing is taking place nonetheless.

The best solution to this is to get rid of all the leftists in the school system.

Since that would leave the nation virtually without educators, which might not be a bad thing, the next best solution would be to home-school your children. It is both astounding and instructive to talk to home-schooled kids who have not been exposed to liberal harangues on daily basis and see that they are actually able to think, and that they enjoy shooting as well, by the way.

The third solution is to take your kids to the range. Take your neighbor’s kids, and your kid’s friends if possible. Teach them proper gun use, and let them enjoy their guns. Anyone I have ever taught to shoot, in all my years as an NRA instructor, has absolutely loved the sport.

Those who don’t have usually been introduced to shooting by some idiot who hands them a full-power .44 magnum to learn with instead of a fun .22. Properly introduced to the sport, who doesn’t enjoy shooting reactive targets with a handgun, or shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun? Get the kids away from the computer games and let them see how much more fun the real thing is!

Make no mistake about it, the Left is out to get your guns, and the way they will do it is through your friends, your neighbors, and your children that they have brainwashed. It is up to each and every one of us to make sure that we do not allow this to happen.


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