Is “Of, By and For the People” Gone Forever?

Today, the government, not “We the People”, is borrowing $1 Trillion Dollars per year to support welfare programs that degrade the human spirit, remove the work ethic and make citizens dependent.  The government does this in order to buy votes and approval for what it is doing.  It is destroying the greatest country in the history of mankind.

The government is a corrupt organization running outside the rules and laws it has established for its supporting the private sector.  It is a business unto itself with workers in that business supporting themselves by taxing the private sector.  The government cares little about the private sector other than the private sector is its only means of financial support.  How can any President justify spending $4 Million Dollars on a Hawaiian vacation as the largest tax hike in the history of the country is only 16 days away?  He doesn’t care!

With $16 Trillion Dollars in debt and borrowing a $1 Trillion Dollar deficit per year to support that debt, what has the government done to resolve this unsustainable problem?

– President Obama and the Democrats have suggested an $800 Billion Dollar tax hike in the form of raising tax rates.

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– Speaker Boehner and the Republicans have suggested an $800 Billion Dollar tax hike in the form of eliminating tax loop holes and deductions.

Both solutions do nothing to resolve the debt problem and little to help reduce the deficit problem.  Both solutions do nothing more than bring more revenue into the government so it can grow and support itself.  Both solutions weaken the private sector and strengthen the government.

So what is it the government is really telling us?  Is there really a “Two Party System” in the federal government?

It’s had to defend the “Conservative” Republican story when Senator Jim DeMint is forced out of office because the RINOs in the Republican Party say they will no longer…



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