Is This A Good Week To Turn In My Guns?

questionThe past week has been a bad one for President Obama and his fanatical “gun control” advocates Senators Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, plus the sycophant chorus of liberal senators, representatives, governors and mayors. It was the first break in a seemingly endless string of bad news for gun owners that followed the tragic shooting in Newton, Connecticut, last December 14th.


Virtually before the smoke had cleared from the school, President Obama was on the air declaring that he would make gun control a “central issue” at the start of his second term of office. In Obamaspeak, that meant of course that since the election was safely past, he now felt free to do what conservatives had long feared and expected that he would do if re-elected: unleash a stream of radical “gun control” measures and attempt to ram them through at his first opportunity. The school shooting was that window of opportunity, and true to form, he signed 23 executive orders and proposed 12 Congressional actions regarding gun control within one month after the shooting.


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Meanwhile, Senator Feinstein wasted no time in dusting off her “assault rifle” and “large capacity” magazine ban bills, and attempted to shame the Congress into passing these radical and unconstitutional bills. She neglected to mention, of course, that this had been tried back in 1994. That law expired ten years later, and a 2004 critical review of research on firearms by a National Research Council panel noted that studies of the assault weapon ban “did not reveal any clear impacts on gun violence”. The crime rate, in fact, actually fell after the ban was lifted. Naturally the utter failure and irrelevance of her bill, let alone the harm it caused and its unconstitutionality, did not deter her in the least from putting it back on the table.


Fortunately, last week the Senate failed to pass the Toomey/Manchin amendment, the amendment to ban magazines that would hold more than 10 rounds, and the Feinstein amendment to ban “assault weapons”. In response, a very petulant and characteristically angry Obama chastised those voting for our freedoms and God-given rights, and disparaged gun owners and patriots. Not a surprising reaction from someone whose style of governing is much more like that of his now deceased soul-mate Hugo Chavez than Abraham Lincoln, to whom he mysteriously compares himself.


But what say ye, people of America, to this fortuitous turn of events? Was the Senate decision a mistake? Would we have in fact been safer if we followed the party line that the government will protect us if we just all turn in our guns?


That question was answered last week in Boston. Two young brothers, Muslim immigrants from Chechnya, exploded two home-made bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring some 180, fourteen of whom lost limbs. A manhunt ensued, during which one of the perpetrators was killed, apparently by being run over by his brother, with other on the loose for many hours. During that time, a huge armada of police with firepower on a level that warrants a separate discussion combed the area. During that time, the citizens were told to hunker down in their homes and hope that the armed killer didn’t attempt to enter their houses.


Eventually the police gave up, convinced he had escaped, and allowed the people to come out of their homes. Once they did so, an alert resident noticed that the top on his boat had been cut. He bravely peeked in and then called police, who apprehended the fugitive after yet another gun battle.


Throughout the entire ordeal, not just the residents of Boston, but the entire nation was transfixed by the spectacle playing itself out on their TV screens. The horrific pictures of the maimed spectators and the photos of the police combing the area for the escaped terrorist had to make people ask themselves, “If it were me, what would I do?” It is the same feeling you have when you watch a movie or TV show of a person in his or her home with a crazed criminal kicking at the back door, which you know will give way at any moment. If the picture was suddenly replaced by a white-coated man with a survey clipboard in his hand, who asked you, “Given this situation, what would you rather have in your hand: (1) a cell phone with a 911 autodial, (2) a pair of scissors (suggested after Sandy Hook), or (2) an AR-15 with a large capacity magazine”, what would your answer have been?


You know the answer, and so do the American people.


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