ISIS ATTACKS: All Girls’ School with Rocket Leaving 9 Children Dead

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 8.34.36 AMThis is our enemy.

Nine children have been killed following a rocket attack by Islamic State terrorists on a school in Deir Ezzor, an oil-rich region in the east of Syria. A further 15 students were injured, a source at the Syrian Interior Ministry told SANA news agency.

The rocket attacks struck the Harabesh neighborhood of the city and hit a school for girls. The Syrian cabinet condemned the attack, saying it would not give in to the terrorist group.

“Such crimes against schools and universities will not deter us from continuing the educational process for future generations to rebuild the country,” Prime Minister Wael Nader Al-Halqi said, as cited by SANA.

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Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has often targeted residential districts in the city to try and destabilize the security and stability of the area. The jihadist organization has also looked to terrorize those sections of the local population who do not ascribe to its doctrines.

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