ISIS is Now Booby Trapping Korans–Targeting MUSLIMS Who…

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.58.20 AMIn liberated areas of the Middle East, ISIS has found a way to target Muslims who will not join their cause. This method is somewhat unusual, due to their strict sharia law guidelines.

Bombs are being hidden inside copies of the Koran in the latest sick tactic by terrorist group ISIS, it has been reported.

US military officials are said to have confirmed the sneaky booby trap strategy involving leaving Islam’s holy book on the streets of Ramadi, Iraq, and waiting for locals to pick them up.

Locals who pick up the books, which are said to be hidden in bushes or long grass near the side of the road, could then be blown up.

The tactic has emerged after ISIS fighters have also left bombs in refrigerators.


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