ISIS REVENGE VIDEO: Terrorist with American Accent Addresses Obama Then Beheads 4 Hostages

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 8.34.16 AMCan’t wait till these people are crushed like the cockroaches they are.

ISIS militants have beheaded four Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in ‘revenge’ for a raid by US special forces that rescued 70 Iraqi hostages and killed 20 terrorists.

In the barbaric group’s latest execution video, a masked English-speaking man with an American accent is seen clutching a knife as he stands over one of the hostages.

Three other jihadis – all dressed in black with their faces covered – are also seen holding blades as they stand behind three other Kurds wearing orange jumpsuits.

Addressing President Obama, the lead executioner says the beheadings are ‘revenge’ for the raid on an ISIS jail.

The special forces mission saw more than 20 ISIS fighters killed and six captured, with Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler also killed.

The slickly-cut 15-minute video, which is too graphic to be shown in full, then shows the English-speaking terrorist pushing the first Peshmerga soldier to the ground and beheading him.

Shaking in fear, the three other captives are made to watch, with one of them tightly closing their eyes as the brutal murder takes place.

The three other jihadis then step forward and behead the remaining hostages.

At the start of the sickening video, ISIS also claim to show what remains of the prison in Hawija, in northern Iraq, which was raided by US special forces.

Last week dramatic footage emerged of the raid, in which Master Sgt Wheeler was killed.

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