‘ISLAMIC STATE COMMANDER’: Found Living in This Refugee Camp

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.43.34 AMWhat would you do if you knew this jihadi thug was living near you?

I warned as far back as 2010 of the realities of the Euro-Med agreement – the “free flow” of Muslim immigrants across nations, across the continent. So is it surprising that an ISIS commandant is chilling in Germany?

Worse still the media is interviewing these ISIS killers on the 6 pm news. The media is chatting them out but law enforcement is clueless?

‘Islamic State Commander’ Found Living As Refugee In Rural German Village,” By Sarkis Zeronian, Breibart, 9 Feb 2016:

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In the latest of a series of raids, German police have searched two homes in a rural village after a television channel interviewed a suspected Islamic State commander living there as a refugee.

Sankt Johann is a small village in the south west German state, Rhineland-Palatinate. Something of a rural idyll, its 800 residents live between vineyards in the shadow of a 14th century Gothic church. And yet, as SPIEGEL TV reports, this weekend it was the scene of police raids on two Islamic State-linked suspects living in refugee housing.

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