ISLAMIC STATE IN TEXAS: Terrorist Organization Claims Responsibility for Shooting at ‘Draw Muhammed’ Event

Thankfully the SWAT team was able to neutralize those thugs real fast. Many lives were saved due to their actions.

Two armed men were killed after an apparent attempted terrorist attack on art exhibit in Texas Sunday evening. Now ISIS has advanced claims of credit for the attack online.

The two men opened fire on the security guard at an event exhibiting artistic depictions of the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a suburb of Garland. The gunmen pulled up the Curtis Culwell Center and began shooting at security. Garland Police officers returned fire, killing both men.

Nearby businesses were evacuated, as police were concerned the suspects’ vehicle could contain explosives. As on early Monday, the bomb squad was on the scene and the area was cordoned off from the public.

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The security guard, Bruce Joiner, was treated for a gunshot wound to the ankle and released from a local hospital.

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