Israel and Syria: Something Big is in the Offing and it is of Biblical Proportions

israeli-by Victor Wright: The headlines are blazing and coming at rapid fire pace; “IDF Chief Benny Gantz says: Enemy will pay heavy price for attacking Israel” “Israel Readies for Syria Zero Hour” “War With Syria is at Hand” “Notes on our Upcoming War in Syria” “Israel: If We’re Attacked We’ll Respond With Might” “Has Intervention in Syria Become Inevitable?” and on and on it goes.

Syria has been a simmering cauldron for most of the year and its civil war has long been thought by some to be nothing more than a precursor to a strike against Israel. Israel has routinely attacked and taken out arms shipments from bordering Jordan with almost superhuman accuracy, and earlier in the year began bombing a known Syrian control center believed to be capable of launching a controlled strike, by way of Iranian assistance, against Israel from all sides – Israel estimates there are up to 50,000 rockets and missiles aimed at key Israeli targets from points in Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza – all under the purview of this control center.

Israel is trying to keep a low key regarding the Syrian unrest but has made more than one statement as warning. The message is a clear one; Attack us and it will be painful for you! Israel is not playing. They are fed up — fed up with decades of lies, concessions, unbalanced demands, and broken promises from surrounding nations who only want to see them destroyed. Israel is preparing to survive! And I for one believe they WILL!

Israel is not to be underestimated. As David once rose up in confidence and defeated the giant Goliath, Israel stands ready today to rise against a Goliath of confederated states. They are not afraid, and I believe they will be victorious if they are forced into a fight!

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Rarely do we see religion and politics converge, but I believe that we are witnessing what may become the fulfillment of the Psalm 83 war. Many view Psalm 83 as simply an imprecatory prayer, and it is that. But many, I among them, believe that it is a prophecy. Psalm 83 lists 10 ancient peoples, all enemies to Israel that will one day conspire together to rise up against Israel and destroy her. If my Bible is true (and I see no reason to doubt it) all these nations will receive a severe and sincere trouncing. But who are these nations? The scriptures names; Edom, The Ishmaelites, Moab, The Hagrites, Gebal, Ammon, Amelek, Philistia, Tyre and Asher (Assyria).

But who are the modern equivalents to these obscure “peoples?” Edom (or the Tents of Edom) points to the Palestinian refugees, as they like Edom have never had a permanent home. The Ishmaelites refer to those living in Saudi Arabia to the south of Jordan. These would also be known as Dedan. Moab refers to the people of northern and central Jordan. The Hagrites (not to be confused with Hagar mother of Ishmael) represent Syria and thus

Damascus. Gebal is likely Byblos in Lebanon, Ammon is Jordan (along with Moab) and the capital of Jordan is Ahman today. Amalek were the inhabitants to the south of Israel in what is their lower desert and Saudi Arabia. Philistia was what is now Gaza and represents Hamas. Tyre also a city in Lebanon along with Gebal then represents Hezbollah. Assyria is Western Iraq. These we know are set to “strengthen the descendants of Lot.” You may remember this refers to the sons of Lot (Ammon and Moab) born to his daughters by incest after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

So these are those surrounding modern day Israel, and all inhabit the land promised to the legitimate heir of Abraham — Israel. All of these peoples today with the exception of Jordan are in open hostility with Israel, and Jordan is aiding and abetting!

The United States has made it clear that they intend to attack Syria in retribution for the use of chemical weapons. While this threat still remains to be seen, Russia has deployed ships to the Mediterranean in order to counter such an attack. Syria has promised to attack Israel if the US attacks Syria. Israel has promised to get BIG NASTY if they are attacked by anyone.

It seems pretty clear that something immense is in the offing. Add to this Israel’s concern with the Egyptian hostilities and you have the makings of a conflict with profound global effects. If Israel is forced into conflict with Syria and Lebanon, they may see no choice but to stand against Egypt either in offense or defense. Should Israel take this to the scale that I think they might, we could see the region Israel and Islam forever changed. If this is the case, I predict a devastating victory for Israel and a similar defeat to all comers.

Israel has a secret weapon that no one is considering. If you’re a Christian or a Jew you know exactly what I mean. Consider this; currently we see two of Israel’s neighbors fighting internally – in strife and confusion against themselves. This can only be the hand of God. No one likes or wants war and the destruction it brings. But if it must be then I stand with Israel! Interesting times ahead to be sure!

About the author:

victorVictor Wright is a “Conservative Leaning Libertarian” by admission and a true Patriot in that he not only believes in freedom and a Constitutional America, he serves to protect it, and a Bible-believing Christian.

Mr. Wright is possessed of a passion for truth, justice and freedom and is not afraid to say so. He writes on a variety of issues in varying degrees of severity ranging from the truly unimportant to the absolute kick-your-teeth-in-need-to-know-it-now. His voice is direct and to the point.

He resides in Savannah, GA with his wife of 23 years and their two children. His aspiration is to become a successful blogger upon upcoming retirement from the military.


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