‘IT NEVER GOES AWAY’: Juanita Broadderick Opens Up about Clinton Rape on Social Media

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 6.42.12 PMSo Hillary, what is the real war on women again?

Here I was thinking today was going to be all about the gun control and how Obama is taking the wheel, driving us off the cliff. Then along comes Juanita Broderick with a simple little statement. In under 140 characters, she lobbed a giant bomb.

It’s a bomb for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, it is not in any way news to those of us who are familiar with Mrs. Clinton’s committee of skeletons in her closet. If you can’t see them, move the pantsuits. Yeah, there they are.

For the stray Clinton supporters here, after you’ve crushed skulls and shoved those skeletons back behind the parachute pants, yes, that is the REAL Juanita Brodderick, as verified by a journalist over at Vox. Okay? So keep your pants on.

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Here’s a quick history to my fellow Millennials who may not have been paying attention to the Clinton presidency, what with us being more interested in My Little Ponies, Ninja Turtles, or whatever the “hottest” band was at the time. Juanita Broderick is one of several women Bill Clinton (obligatory “allegedly”) sexually assaulted. Others include Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and the infamous Monica Lewinsky (who allegedly consented).

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