IT’S THE HUMMUS THAT BINDS US: If Israel is the Problem in Palestinian Conflict, Then Why Did this Restaurant Just do This

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.58.36 AMAn Israeli restaurant is extending an olive branch, but do you see any Palestinian doing this?

TEL AVIV, Israel — It’s a case of giving chickpeas a chance.

Kobi Tzafrir, the owner of Hummus Bar in the Israeli village of Kfar Vitkin, is offering a 50-percent discount to parties that are mixed Arab and Jewish.

“Afraid of Arabs? Afraid of Jews? We do not have Arabs! But we also have no Jews … We have people!” he posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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Hummus, which is made of ground up chickpeas, is a dish loved and eaten by both Jews and Arabs throughout the region.

Tzafrir said the response was immediate and overwhelming, as Jews and Arabs from policemen to emergency responders took up the offer.

“This was beautiful and exciting. They said they saw my post on Facebook and came specially,” he said.

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