It’s Time To Take Students’ Safety Serious

millaWith the recent school shooting tragedy, most gun-control advocates are calling for more stringent gun laws to prevent this event from ever occurring again.  They feel that without guns no crime like this would ever occur and life in the USA would be safer.  They feel that guns are evil and people deep down inside are good.  The truth is that they are doing a little bit too much “feeling” and not enough thinking.

The same day the Connecticut shooting broke, a news story in my Twitter feed popped up headlining “Chinese Man Picks up Knife: 22 Injured and 1 Adult”.  The incident occurred at a school as well and the knife wielding China-man was described by the press as “…mentally disturbed…” and “…involved in personal disputes or unable to adjust to the rapid pace of social change…” According to the news story, incidents like this have been occurring more frequently over the past few years and Chinese officials have decided that increasing security enforcement was the best way to deal with these situations.

They didn’t blame their current knife laws or the fact that knives were available for anyone to purchase.  Their response of action came in two parts:

  1. They recognized the attacker as a man mentally disturbed.
  2. They placed in security systems to handle any future attacks of this nature.

The Chinese lawmakers addressed and defined why the attack happened and how it could be prevented.  There was no finger pointing only resolution and this is what needs to happen in America.

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Americans have to understand that incidents like these can be prevented, not by infringing on other citizen’s rights, but by putting in place proper security measures where needed.  If the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, had a proper security system the whole shootout could have been prevented completely.

School shootings are, unfortunately, becoming common here in America.  These ‘gun-free school zones’ have become easy targets for mass shooters and anyone who is looking to ‘make a statement’ before finally pulling the trigger on themselves.

Quite frankly it is retarded that schools haven’t reinforced their security measures after Columbine occurred.  Enough is enough!  It’s time to take student’s safety seriously and really make schools a safe environment where they can learn.

Here is what I would do if I was in charge of the security for a school:

  1. All staff would be thoroughly trained on how to handle a firearm and then required to carry to work.
  2. Security cameras that covered every inch of the school would be set up, so that I and the staff could see the shooters every move. (I would require having security monitors installed in every class room for teachers and students to see.)
  3. I would install metal door barricades throughout the school, section by section, so that if there was a shooter I could trap him/her like the animal he/she is.
  4. Finally, every room and hallway in the school would have hidden emergency escape routes, so that students and staff can get out of the school safely.


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