IT’S WALL DAY: Trump Addresses National Security, ‘We Will Build The Wall’

Trump made huge promises during his campaign to the American people. So far, it seems like he is fulfilling those promises. Check out his agenda today!


President Donald Trump plans to sign a flurry of executive actions on immigration today, traveling to the Department of Homeland Security to highlight his committment to border security.

“Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow,” he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday evening. “Among many other things, we will build the wall!”

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Here is a list of potential actions:

Begin the wall

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly promised to build a “big beautiful wall” on the southern border. His executive actions today will likely direct existing federal funding passed by Congress for border security to start construction.

Restricting immigration from Muslim countries

Trump’s executive action will likely restrict immigration from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen — all countries that are hotbeds of radical islamic terrorism. Reuters reports that the restrictions will include a “multi-month ban on admissions from all countries” until the vetting process for immigrants can be strengthened.


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