JAIL BREAK: Female Prison Worker was Going to Drive Getaway Car for Convicted Murderers

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.00.36 AMThis woman is a special kind of stupid.

Joyce Mitchell, the New York prison worker being questioned in the escape of two murderers, was charmed by one of the inmates and planned to be their getaway driver until she got cold feet, sources familiar with the case told NBC News.

One of the inmates, Richard Matt, established a relationship with Mitchell over a couple of months, the sources said.

“She thought it was love,” one said.

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Instead of being the getaway driver, Mitchell went to the hospital and checked herself in, the sources said. As NBC News has previously reported, Mitchell checked in on Saturday, the day the inmates were reported missing, with “a case of nerves.”

Authorities in New York, Vermont and elsewhere were still searching on Thursday for Matt and David Sweat, who cut through the steel walls of their cells, crawled through a pipe and emerged from a manhole near the prison.

Two sources told NBC News that Mitchell will be charged, although the exact charges were not immediately known.

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