James Comey Perjured Himself to Clear Hillary During FBI Probe [VIDEO]

Well, look what the cat drug out. Former FBI director James Comey is in deep trouble.

Reportedly Comey started drafting a statement clearing Hillary Clinton ‘of any wrongdoing in the bureau’s probe of her mishandling of classified material months before he met with the former Secretary and other key witnesses in the case,’ stated Hannity.

How do they know? As part of an ongoing investigation into Trump firing James Comey, the Senate Judiciary Committee obtained all of the former FBI chief’s communications.

So what liberals thought was an opportunity to catch Trump in an obstruction of justice, turned out to backfire on them.

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Hannity reports, ‘According to the documents, the former director began drafting a statement exonerating Clinton as early as April or May of 2016; months before Comey and other investigators had a chance to interview Hillary herself and other key witnesses.’

The bureau’s investigation into Clinton’s private email server was officially dropped on July 5th.

“Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that’s no way to run an investigation. The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy,” said Chuck Grassley, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, in a letter to the FBI.

In light of these events, serious concerns have been raised if Clinton and Obama officials pressured Comey to close the probe into Hillary, just weeks before the election.


It has been revealed that Comey in fact perjured himself during his testimony to Congress on the case of Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers for classified information.

David Asman asked Chris Farrell, “Comey said under oath when asked that he did not make his decision until after he interviewed Hillary Clinton. Did he perjure himself?”

“Yes…the facts are months in advance he’s telegraphing the investigation’s a done deal, that he’s going through the motions yet he gets in front of Congress and pretends or at least makes these representations that he hadn’t made his mind up when it’s clear there’s documents showing that he has,” Farrell said.

h/t Hannity


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